"I wanted to tell you that my dearest wish during the voice workshop I did with you last year was to be able to share my poetry in public. Well now I'm a member of two writing groups, I read my work at a monthly open mic at the Poetry Society, and I have three other gigs set up between now and June.  It's such a far cry away from where I used to be and I know that your workshop was so incredibly helpful." Jenny


 I had an amazing time. It was a challenging, but also incredibly powerful experience. I don't think I've got any suggestions with regards to making the challenging parts any easier. Your facilitation was spot on, and I don't think there was anything you could have done differently to change my experience of it. In fact, I would say that how you presented the material couldn't really be improved upon. I was particularly impressed by how you broke down the exercise on the Sunday when we worked with the written homework from Saturday night into very gentle and incremental steps. It made something that I personally found very challenging into a manageable and transformative experience.” Kelvin


“Thank you so much for the weekend just past and the powerful way you held the space for all of us.  I witnessed some real, visible shifts in others and felt some deeper unlocking in my own personal journey.  It was also a such a brilliant opportunity for a group of men to get together and feel safe enough to be vulnerable around each other, and it really didn't take long for most of us to let the armour drop.  For me the combination of movement and soundmaking was the highlight, with the opportunity, and blessing, to vocalise while dancing.  Especially when you turned the music up a couple of times and right at the very end, I felt I began to get near the sounds that my body is capable of.” Kyle


“A workshop that combines using your voice in new and exciting and hiterhto unknown ways with dance and movement; offers you a chance to connect with energies and potentials within you, and find new strength in yourself which has been lying dormant and quiet. I would massively recommend this workshop to other men; Natasha is a fantastic facilitator and it was quickly irrelevant and almost forgotten to me that she happens to be a woman running this workshop for men.” Dominic


I wanted to follow up after the workshop to give my reflections. It was a really wonderful space, thank you for offering it, it feels very welcome to me and it was very welcoming and invigorating in how you held the space. As I shared a little at the end, for me it felt very supportive of everyone's character and I felt able to be myself and explore what that actually means, while being in a room of others doing the same thing, and how such a mixture of people can come together and share so beautifully in their own way was rewarding for me and to witness others. So yeah, great work, and I look forward to future events you put on. "  Scott


"It was very difficult and very deep work.  And it was amazing.  It was like nothing I'd ever done before.  You wove it together so skilfully, each exercise was deeply challenging for me, yet affected me profoundly.  I spent much time and strength holding down tears.  Even at the end.  By that point though they were just spilling out, despite most of them held down.  Your facilitation of the process was absolutely stunning.  I'm lost for words 

I arrived and immediately felt major resistance, and just didn't feel I belonged there...And yet you contained us all in a safe space." Fadwa


"This workshop has definitely changed my perspective on voice and brought me new confidence and a willingness to try to keep at the singing!" Amber


 "Firstly another big thank you, your style made it easier to 'have a go' vs 'doing something or not' if that makes sense. It was all so organic, it just kind of happened.  I feel I'm still assimilating what I did in terms of 'the work'. I've felt very emotional since but not in a bad way as such, it's really hard to explain but if I had to describe it, it's like something has been shifted and something is sort of pouring out despite my efforts to keep it in."  Claire


"The weekend was so beautiful. 

I was really touched by discovering the voice that lay inside of us all and how they joined together. 

It felt profound beyond words and concepts and deeply feminine.  You held the space so beautifully and gently but kept such a steady pace, I was amazed at how much we fit in." Jacqualene


"That I can also use this playing field to challenge my adult self consciousness, to move in the way I want to and progressively stop caring so much about what anyone thinks about that is the icing on the cake. Ditto the voice work. Adding this extra challenge has been a really good one. Especially in this post #metoo world where women are really thinking about how we have been silently (well, not always so silently) bullied out of using our voices. It really had added extra power for me because of that.  I think what resonated the most for me was the *collective* power of our voices (although the session at the end where we all voiced individually was a showstopper - so emotional), it was the moment late on Saturday when I suddenly 'came to', still walking around the room and realised that the music had stopped and the sound of the singing around me was the women in the room. It was so powerful, so restorative. I missed my mum fiercely in that moment but I simultaneously felt loved and held by the voices of the other women in the room. It connected me to an idea of universal mothering. That you don't have to be related in order to 'mother' another person, or even to have ever given birth. Its just something thats in us and it seemed to be in those voices."  Kate


I was really moved by the whole experience over the weekend in July, and felt it to be a wonderfully warm and safe space in which to take creative risks, in order to feel seen and heard in a way I had not experienced before. I was challenged by some exercises such as protecting the stone we had chosen, and had initially asked my group if they minded if I didn't take part. But once I was actively participating for others I changed my mind, and was very glad that I did.  It showed me that my fear was imagined rather than real, and this gave me more confidence in expanding my self- expression, and getting out of my comfort zone, something I'd hoped to achieve in the workshop from the beginning...I was particularly moved at the end, which I think was evident! Having the opportunity to witness others in their process as well as express my own was something I will remember for a very long time." Jo


"What a total privilege it was to be part of your workshop. I loved it so much. All of it. Perfect blend of ritual and exercises.

I think you paced it perfectly and I liked the lack of talking which is usually a heady space.

I felt a big shift, very liberated and cleansed and self-expressed...Am looking for a choir.Have been thinking about it forever but determined to find time now." Eleanor


"After the workshop I started to pay attention to any sound received or produced! Thanks to my new acquired awareness around voicing I have added a new level of mindfullness regarding the sense of hearing. And I allowed myself to vocalise more...It is absolutely amazing to be able to do that. 

Thanks to the workshop I am a bit freer and in touch with myself. My energy is flowing wonderfully. I could go on for hours about the beneficial effects of what I experienced and learnt in our weekend.  Lastly I wanted to say how much I appreciated you Natasha!! I think you are very knowledgeable, caring, extremely communicative, with a very trustworthy voice.  I think I said the word "trust" referred to you in few occasions in this email." :)Antonella


"Thank you for your gentle, focussed, flexible facilitation!  I liked it one time when you were demonstrating something and suddenly turned into someone else!" Mary