Work with Adults


As an adult, you are in charge of how you want to live your life.  You make decisions every day about what to eat and when, what to wear, how to get to work, who to meet, how you spend your spare time, with who.


And yet...


Sometimes, despite being very able and successful in other areas of our lives, we feel lonely or isolated.


Sometimes, we find ourselves making the same cycle of mistakes in our personal and professional lives.


Sometimes our ability to interact with others and form healthy, meaningful relationships is affected and we just can't seem to change it.


Sometimes we just need help to discover where we are stuck, integrate what serves us and let go of what doesn't, make our peace and 're-wire.'


There can be many reasons for these difficulties.


  • developmental or acquired neurological conditions

  • undiagnosed or untreated difficulties such as Specific Language Impairment, Autistic Spectrum Disorder

  • other physical conditions

  • anxiety and/or depression

  • past abuse or trauma

  • insecure or disordered attachment patterns 


As human beings we are neurologically wired to be social animals.  We benefit from social contact and communication with others and if we don't receive adequate, quality contact we can withdraw and become more prone to both physical and mental health difficulties.


The therapeutic relationship is a safe and confidential space to tease out and explore where the difficulties are and try out new ways of experiencing being with and relating to another.  The aim is to build up your internal resources and strategies and to gently 'stretch' your ability to tolerate challenging situations within the therapy space for you to eventually try out in 'real life.'