We all have a voice.  It is a physical part of us, which needs our breath to create sound and reaches beyond the physical limitations of our bodies to communicate and connect with others.

Everyone has their own, unique voice.  Making sound, whether through singing/vocalising or speech is our birthright as human beings.

And yet, for many of us, we are given the message at some point in our lives that our voice is 'wrong' in some way; either 'too much' or 'not enough.'  In my embodied voice workshops, we first create a circle of safety and then connect with our voices on a purely physical level.  From there, slowly and surely we unravel the fears, judgements and criticisms that we carry and enter into a field of exploration and connection with each other; re-membering ourselves and joining our voices together to create a rich tapestry of sound.

Workshops and classes are for anyone who wants to explore their voice in a conscious and embodied way (i.e. as part of our whole bodied experience.)

These are not 'learn to sing' or 'learn to sing better' experiences.  They are deep soul food and can provide healing on a very profound level.

I teach with the belief that "if you have a body, you can move and dance and if you have a voice, you can sound and sing."

Individual work can also be a powerful and intimate way of re-connecting with your own voice.


26-28 October 2018

'Sole to Soul: Many Voices, One Tribe'

Venue tbc

More Details soon